CyberBukit TTS – Text to Speech – SaaS Ready

About the script

Nowadays, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud offer TTS service. The form of their services is a technical API. So you may need a tool that helps you to manage the TTS service. This is what CyberBukit TTS can do for you. Please note that CyberBukit TTS cannot do the Text-to-Speech work, the tough work is actually done by AWS or Google Cloud. So you may have extra costs in using TTS (They also offer free tier if you don’t use too much). This two links about pricing may be helpful.

TTS Features

  • Amazon AWS Polly TTS Service
  • Google Cloud Text-to-Speech Service
  • Voice Resource Synchronization (47 Languages and over 200 voices Supported)
  • Save TTS files on local server, AWS S3 or Wasabi
  • SSML Supported
  • Multipe Users Supported
  • Cronjob for TTS files management
  • Easy to configurate, we offer detailed documentation
And much more features about management…

SaaS Ready

CyberBukit TTS is SaaS Ready. That means you can charge your users in many ways. 1. Free service 2. One-time purchase, lifetime use 3. Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) 4. Package of a specific number of characters 5. Subscription of a specific number of characters, or unlimited characters 6. Mix mode For more information about SaaS, please visit By taking advantage these awesome features, you can run your TTS busniess in no time! Buy:-

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