Cash Rewards – CPI Offers & Rewards App + PHP Laravel Admin Panel

Cash Rewards – CPI Offers & Rewards App is the brand new rewards app for android devices. It’s a performance marketing and promotion software for android apps in Google Play Store. With our app, you can start making money right now without even having coding skills. You need only to do is to attract users in your app and start to get profit from 3 best advertising networks that we have integrated and configured for maximum profit. You can also promote your other games and apps using custom CPI offers (“Cash Rewards – CPI offers & Rewards App” app can generate many installs by direct link or keywords). It is very simple, for this you need to add your own offers them via the admin panel and specify the necessary parameters to promote you app. We have a few years’ experiences of managing rewards apps in Google Play .


Colorful app design (cards style)
The stunning design is made in the card style using trend colors, it looks just amazing.


User progress
To make the money-making process more fun, we used elements of gamification. The more actions the user performs, the more reward he will receive. We have added 10 interesting levels for our users. (The settings for each level are controlled from the admin panel)

Ad networks
We added 4 best ad networks in the app, namely:
Admob (Rewarded video, interstitia)
AdColony (Rewarded video)
Fyber (Offerwalls, rewarded video)
OfferToro (Offerwalls)

You can add your own CPI offers
You can make your own offer in your Dashboard you need to go the “Campaigns” tab, here you can create your own offers.
You can promote your own apps by specifying just a few parameters when creating a company.

1. Link to the application in Google Play

2. Type of promotion (by direct link, by keyword)

3. Number of installations

4. The number of open applications, frequency.

5. Reviews and ratings

6. Additional conditions7. Amount of remuneration user
After clicking on the save button, your offer will appear at the top of the task list on the main screen of the application.

Anti-fraud system
Our impeccable security system will not allow anyone to engage in fraud in our application. You can easily identify the fraudster and block it forever. In the admin panel, you can see detailed information on their users, what actions they performed, how much money they earned, what tasks they performed, and so on. Also, each transaction (withdrawal by the user) will be sent to the admin panel for manual moderation, before deciding to pay, you can find out if the user is a fraudster or not.

Referral program;
We added a referral program to our app so that each user could share his promotional code with friends or acquaintances and receive a reward in the form of 5-30% of all incomes of the invited user. This is a good PR tool, where people will advertise your app without your direct participation. Cool right?

Daily bonuses
Each user will receive a daily bonus for returning to the application.

Quizzes and mini-games
We have added quizzes (5 categories) and mini-game “Cash master” to the app where users can earn money. If the user wins then he will receive a reward at the end of the game, if he loses then no, everything is very simple. We displayed for user interstitial ad every few minutes when he is in the game.

Admin panel With the help of the admin panel you can control absolutely all processes and functions in the application. The admin panel supports two languages (English and Russian) and is very easy to manage.

Redeem money
To withdraw money, the user must exchange his earned in-game currency for a gift card one of the available payment systems, namely:
You can add any payment systems like as Paytm, skrill etc
What are you getting? You will get the source code (kotlin) of the native android app that runs from the server. You can publish this app on the Google Play Store on your behalf with your own ASO and images. With the admin panel, you can also manage parameters, limits, analyze statistical data, track user actions and process payment requests in real-time. In addition, the text, the names of currencies and bonuses, as well as payment systems for payments are subject to change.

– Trending app design (cards style)
– Gamification, 5 levels, rewards for the action and achievement of the user;
– Full native android source code (Kotlin);
– Advanced admin panel where you can manage everything. (supported English and Russian language );
– Add your own custom offers;
– Firebase analytics;
– Anti-fraud system;
– Integrated ads networks with rewarded video and Interstitial;
– Referral program for users;
– Daily bonuses for users (push-notification);
– Quizzes and mini-games with the possibility of earning for users;
– Withdraw money system for the user (Buy gift cards);
– Push notification system
– Custom bonus promo codes (For advertising campaigns and partners)
– Privacy Policy (GDPR);